What is Kitchan Network?

Kitchan Network is a profit sharing digital currency trading platform. Provides a variety of investment tools including spot transaction, margin trading and financing trading, as well as graphical programming tools and quantitative trading module. Kitchan's profits will be shared with every KCN holder.
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Why Kitchan Network?

For Kitchan Network Users

Spot transaction is free of charge to maximize thie investment return. Provide a variety of investment tools to meet different investment needs. Provide graphical programming tools and quantitative transaction module. Efficient and stable RESTful API. Supply investment advice and value-added services to users by investment assistance APP.

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For ICO Participants

KCN holders will share platform profits according to their KCN holding amount. KCN can trade on bitnan and other digital currency trading platforms to achieve a premium. The platform will aperiodicity buy back KCN at the issue price as an internal reserve. The platform will cooperate with financial institutions from online to offline, establish brand image, provide various value-added services.


Profit Sharing

After Kitchan Network formally release, at the end of each quarter, we will calculate the profit of Kitchan. With guarantee the normal operation of kitchan, we will share the residual profit with KCN holder at the ratio of 1:1. The profit allocation will be done automatically by Kitchan.



Kitchan Network token sale on Ethereum Pre-ICO begins on Oct 01st, 02:00 UTC and ICO on Oct 10st, 02:00 UTC
Kitchan Network Tokens on Ethereum will be offered in 5 price tiers.
1 ETH = 15000 KCN

- From -

Oct 1th, 02:00 UTC

- To -

Oct 10th, 01:59 UTC
1 ETH = 13000 KCN

- From -

Oct 10th, 02:00 UTC

- To -

Oct 17th, 01:59 UTC
1 ETH = 12000 KCN

- From -

Oct 17th, 02:00 UTC

- To -

Oct 24th, 01:59 UTC
1 ETH = 11000 KCN

- From -

Oct 24th, 02:00 UTC

- To -

Oct 31th, 01:59 UTC
1 ETH = 10000 KCN

- From -

Oct 31th, 02:00 UTC

- To -

Nov 07th, 01:59 UTC

Information :

Fund min cap: 3,000 ETH
Accept Token: ETH
Fund max Cap: 36,000 ETH
Total Kitchan Supply: 600,000,000 KCN
  • We will back your ETH token if we cannot raise 3,000ETH.


We are constantly in the process of improving the specifications of Kitchan Network's system using our collaborative knowledge and other tools based on Ethereum or our own innovation. We are also in the process of creating DApp (Distributed Application) for the purpose of Kitchan Network's platform. The code will be designed and maintained with thorough testing. We are also planning to display everything on github as an open source code.


2017/01 2017/03 2017/10 2017/11 2018/05 2018/08
Kitchan concept formation Combing business, technology selection, develop core. Kitchan ICO Kitchan development, infrastructure construction Internal testing and marketing Kitchan formally release



Andrei Kilakov

Founder / CEO
Andrei is an expert in multi-agent and blockchain technologies and is experienced in smart contract development, Java, C++, C#, PHP, node.js, and Solidity programming. Andrei has a background in peer-to-peer networks organization and research, and has deep knowledge in program architecture.

David Cordek

Co-Founder / CMO
David has worked in sales, business development, finance and operations roles for major multinationals and start-ups in the tech, telecoms and pharmaceutical industries globally. He has worked as a journalist and is frequently interviewed and asked for comment by tech and mainstream media as well as speaking at and hosting seminars and conferences.

Teddy DodHey

Co-Founder / CTO
Teddy has over 13 years of experience as a system engineer. He took on the role as a development leader of a famous HR company. During his time there, he created an award-winning HR system that contributed to the company's service growth. He is interested in new technologies and business, taking on roles in varies positions. He strongly believes that blockchain technology will be a widespread standard within in a few years. Due to the recent rise of crypto currency, he has committed himself to the Kitchan Network project.
Legal department

Paolo Grey

Legal department
Paolo is an experienced smart contracts developer, currently working on provable off-chain computations for Ethereum. Max is a Haskell, Idris, and Rust programmer, specializing in functional programming and formal methods.


Daniel Kauchild

Media and Mass communication
Huge success as a Media Director in various fields, involved in projects such as production of BITA DIGIMA Lab and development of natural-language engines. Major publications include "Web Director's Textbook", "Latest Practice for Web Direction".